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About Cavehouse

At Cavehouse, we design awesome products that promote positivity and bring awareness to children’s mental health. All of our designs are directly inspired by kids and their limitless imaginations. A percentage of every purchase goes to foundations and non-profits centered around children and their mental health. Creativity comes naturally to children, and who better to listen to when drawing inspiration. Let them explore, learn, give insight. You never know - you might learn something!

Our Story 

Growing up, I couldn't ask for a better support system from both of my parents. Before I ever knew what the term "struggle" meant, I was digging deep into the mud with my dinosaurs or at the top of our oak tree in the backyard, flying my rocket ship to an unknown planet, anxiously awaiting for signs of a new civilization. 

All the while, things were going on behind the scenes that I couldn't quite understand and that my kid brain was not fully able to comprehend.

My mission with Cavehouse is to help bring awareness to childhood mental health and to help create resources for both kids and their families to take on each new day with optimism and a strong narrative for the challenges they may face. 

Brightness awaits.

 Adam Tanaka, Founder

Kids' Paintings
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