Cavehouse Supply was founded with a single purpose in mind - to help bring awareness to childhood mental health and to use our brand as a positive and bright “home base” for children and parents alike.

Cavehouse Supply donates a portion of proceeds to the Child Mind Institute, a national nonprofit that cares for children and families working through mental health and learning disorders, conducts research to identify biological markers of mental illness in the developing brain, and leads campaigns that inform the public and destigmatize mental health and learning disorders. Visit to learn more.

Inspired to create Cavehouse Supply by personal experience, founder Adam Tanaka knows the importance of a "safe place" for children to express themselves and find care catered to them as individuals. All of the Cavehouse designs are directly inspired by actual stories from children in his life.

If just one child is helped by our organization, then our efforts have been more than worthwhile.

Remember - Brightness awaits.