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Cavehouse Supply provides products with purpose for children and their families to explore, learn, and grow in order to build strong and supportive communities through empowered, confident kids. 

Through nurturing creativity, promoting emotional regulation, and developing social connections to help kids thrive in all aspects of their lives, we are building an optimistic future while staying present in the moment. 


A portion of the profits from every purchase is dedicated to providing free day camps, workshops, and events for kids and their families in Title 1 schools and underserved communities.


By empowering children with valuable skills and experiences, Cavehouse Supply is supporting families through building stronger, more supportive communities from the ground up, together.

We are committed to providing a safe and creative space in the work that we do, while supporting the mental health and well-being of children, where they can feel empowered and their imaginations can soar.


To empower children and nurture their creativity so they can navigate early childhood with confidence and develop skills to support their mental health. 

To support families in building stronger, more supportive communities together, from the ground up. 


As a child, I was too busy digging deep into the mud with my dinosaurs or climbing to the top of our oak tree in the backyard getting ready to fly a rocket ship to an unknown planet, to worry about what might be going on around me. I knew things were "off" but my kid brain was unable to pinpoint a root cause.

It was around the age of 14 that I was able to recognize changes in my mom. Changes that took her to very dark places.


As I unpack my personal trauma as an adult and continuously add necessary tools to my toolbox to help me navigate the day-to-day, I find that I'm checking in on my child self. I can see how much the past affected me at such an early age and how it has tried to play such a large role in my daily life. I am constantly reminded of how crucial it is to educate myself by utilizing necessary resources from mental health professionals and organizations that are doing the work.


Building a strong and supportive community around you is key.


My mission with Cavehouse Supply is to help bring awareness to childhood mental health by supplying the products, tools, and resources to empower kids so they can navigate early childhood with confidence, nurture their creativity, and develop skills to support their mental health.


Every design, even our company name, has been directly inspired by kids and their limitless imaginations.


Being human is hard, but it's a little less difficult when we join together to create powerful and positive change for kids to navigate throughout their day.


- Adam Tanaka, Founder

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