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Adventure Awaits Coloring Book

There were 2 products I wanted to immediately launch when Cavehouse Supply was in its tiny beginning phases (and still kind of is)..


A kids tent and a coloring book.


When I received the prototype for the kids tent a while ago, I freaked out, cried, jumped up and down out of pure joy. 


Then it happened - I spent late nights and early mornings working on a layout and additional content for my coloring book. And now I am freaking out, crying, jumping up and down all out of pure joy!!


The Adventure Awaits coloring book is an example showing that no one can acheive anything alone. This coloring book took a team.


Special thanks to Michael Korfhage, Ava Puckett, and Kelsey Thomas for your help!


I created some short storylines, as well as an affirmations page that you and your kiddos can repeat daily. 


The coolest thing about this coloring book is the big empty box on the opposite of each page so that kids can let their imagination run wild. With perforated pages, they can tear out easily so you can hang them on the wall, fridge, tree, or maybe even a museum some day...


A box of FREE CRAYONS comes with each coloring book order you place!



- 9" x 9" size

- 10 pages, front + back

- Perforated pages 

- Adventure ready!


Thanks so much for your support!


- Adam 

Adventure Awaits Coloring Book

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