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Products that help kids


We supply products with a purpose to empower kids so they can navigate early childhood with confidence, nurture their creativity, and develop skills to support their mental health.

Every design, even our company name, has been directly inspired by kids and their limitless imaginations.

Kiddos' Favorites...

The Lydon Collection

WhiteRobot House On The Moon.png
WSpace Train_edited.png
Around 4 years old, Lydon's brilliant mind dreamed up space trains and robot houses on the moon. Of course, we had to make this a reality!

Empowering kids, supporting families.

Cavehouse Supply provides products with purpose for children and their families to explore, learn, and grow in order to build strong and supportive communities through empowered, confident kids.

Our mission is to create a safe, supportive, and creative space where kids can develop and strengthen their mental health. We aim to empower kids through nurturing creativity, promoting emotional regulation, and developing social connections to help kids thrive in all aspects of their lives.


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A portion of the profits from every purchase is dedicated to providing free day camps, workshops, retreats, and events for kids in Title 1 schools and underserved communities. By empowering children with valuable skills and experiences, Cavehouse Supply is building stronger, more supportive communities from the ground up. 

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Helping to build empowered, confident kids.


Each product comes with a free activity 

and a free resource. 

Hear from our founder, Adam Tanaka, on why

we do what we do. 


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